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About Us

Build Quality, Build Strong 

Construction work planning

Our Mission

At A.A. Masonry & Construction LLC, we are dedicated to serving our clients with high quality workmanship, excellence, and respect. Our team works very hard to exceed the expectations of our clients. By doing so, it allows us to compete at a very high level. NYC is a very competitive market so we must stay alert and active at the highest level. Keeping our equipment clean, our safety gear, job sites safe, and job sites clean are all few of the many practices we do to ensure safety. 

Amazing things will continue to happen here at A.A. Masonry & Construction LLC because we always aim for excellence. We continue to learn, improve, and expand our knowledge which allows us to always be ahead of the game.  


Our relationships matter because we want to grow and build with others around us. We work together to help each other be great at our craft. We are very thankful for our clients for trusting us and allowing us to provide our service. We greatly appreciate all of our existing clients, new clients, and future clients. 


With a combined total of 60+ years of experience our team has the knowledge of delivering and exceeding the expectations of our clients. Each and every single day we learn and improve on how and what we can do better. We focus on all of the positive things we can do to be better. 

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