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"Build Quality, Build Strong" 

Safety, Excellence, Quality Workmanship

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We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

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Commercial Construction


Flatwork and Hardscape

Site Management


Changing the game of flatwork and hardscape in NYC. Using quality materials and proper attention to detail on all job sites, we can make sure the jobs are done at the highest form of quality. These services include concrete, pavers, asphalt, turfstone, cobblestone, and more. Making a better place for our city grounds our team does the job right to ensure safety and quality.  Flatwork and hardscape is one of the many specialties that our company provides. Working on many residential and commercial projects in NYC, we have been on the top of our market. Providing excellence from our grade and base all the way to the finish installation, we have many clients who are satisfied with our work. The following paving installations includes concrete, pavers, asphalt, cobblestone walkways, turfstone, porcelain tiles, flagstones, and brick walkways. Safety and cleanliness are a key role in how we operate here at A.A. Masonry & Construction, and we will continue to pave NYC properties with high quality workmanship. 



Our masonry team allows projects in all sizes of NYC to be completed in a neat and professional manner. Specializing in all aspects of exterior work such as flatwork, stone, block, brick, pavers, concrete, and more. Specializing in masonry across NYC and NYS, this company provides top quality work. All exterior projects that include pavers, stucco, concrete, blocks, bricks, stone, and more. The masonry division will be able to provide answers to all questions asked. With many jobs and projects completed, the team and their expertise will be able to guide you and assist you to your building journey. 

Construction Signs


At A.A. Masonry & Construction, we take safety very seriously. Our main objective is to maintain all of our projects and work areas cleanliness and safety. We also check to see if we have the appropriate safety gear. Our equipment is regularly serviced and continued to keep clean. This makes it accessible to us to perform every task efficiently and safely. 

Who We Are

About Our Company

A.A. Masonry & Construction is a company that is committed to offering it's clients with safety, excellence, and quality workmanship.  Our goal in servicing NYC is to offer our expertise in masonry and construction to all. Allow us to provide guidance and assistance to you in the following phases of your building journey, given that our team has many years of combined experience on projects of all sizes. As always "Build Quality, Build Strong."

Saban Rizvanovski 

CEO, A.A. Masonry & Construction LLC

Adrian Rizvanovski
Vice President, A.A. Masonry & Construction LLC

Quality Work Is What We Do

A.A. Masonry & Construction LLC is leading quality projects. 

What We do

Our Projects

The primary objective is to provide excellent work.  We aim for success in each and every project.  This enables us to build strong relationships with each and every one of our valued customers.  We aim to deliver excellence, safety, and quality workmanship. 

Our Clients

We believe each client is a long term partnership. That is why we focus on providing safety, excellence, and quality workmanship on every project. 

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